Urban Lights

Sunglasses / Quay Australia
Dress / Cheap Monday, similar here
Belt / Topshop
Trainers / Nike
Rings / Bloody Mary Metal, The Rogue & Wolf & Dominique Lucas
Photos by Yanin

Originally we ventured to the Urban Lights one evening after I tried my first Korean BBQ (which is amazing I might add), it was full of people and the atmosphere was electric.. sorry I just had to. I'd seen it in people's vlogs on YouTube and I'd always wanted to check it out for myself! 
Got this snap of me there that night, but I knew I wanted to return during the day to get an outfit shot. 

Luckily when we went there was no one there in the day! I thought this classic outfit would be set off well against the starkness of the lights. I love the mix of chic style from the dress and my hair up paired with the casual yet clean look of the trainers. Since I got those Nikes I wear them SO MUCH! At first I wasn't sure what they'd go with, but they are so easy to style!

Are you into styling up trainers this season?

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How to Pink to Purple ombre with LIVE

I wanted to say a massive thank you for such a positive reaction to my custom colour I did in collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE, a lot have even said it's one of the favourite looks I've done to date! Lots of you have also asked to see how I achieved my custom pastel pink to purple colour and now I can share the how-to video I filmed with LIVE with you guys! This was so much fun to do and I'm so happy with the final video, let me know what you guys think!

I love both my previous pink and purple colours and thought it would be amazing to mix both into a fresh new look. This is so easy to maintain yourself at home as colours are easily available in so many stores. People always ask me where I get my hair coloured and are impressed that I do it myself at home, it's really easy to do too.

A top tip for achieving a pastel shade is to make sure you start off with only mixing a small amount of colour with conditioner first. Mix well to see the colour and add more if needed until it's how you want it. See how to section your hair and how to colour in my video below!
This post was kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf LIVE

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Laser Hair Removal at Silk Skin Laser Care, Test patch & 1st treatment

I was once told that laser hair removal is addictive, I didn't really understand what they meant until I had my legs done. The ease of being hair free is indeed addictive, it's so convenient and one less thing to think about.

Now I am getting my underarms done at Silk Skin Laser Care in London, they are the only clinic on Harley street to use the high spec Dueto Mt, these lasers are also supplied to the NHS too. The machine blows constant cold air to cool the skin, then in bursts the laser shoots targeting down to the hair's root to kill it.

Before starting the treatment I came in for a consultation and test patch to see how my skin would react. The following week I was back for my 1st session, oh my the procedure is so quick! Well I guess it is only a small area. It feels like very quick bursts of heat and something hitting your skin. On some areas I didn't even feel it, on others it's a short sharp needle/nipping sort of sensation. It's hard to describe! The right underarm was completely fine, but my left for some reason was more sensitive, especially around the middle area, I did find this quite intense and flinched away. The nurse stopped straight away and reduced the laser's intensity, then I was completely fine. Afterwards an ice pack is applied to the skin to cool it down and then aloe vera gel. You are told to avoid putting anything on the area. I carried on my day completely as normal.

10 days later I was back for a follow up session to help get the hairs growing at around the same sort of speed. Same routine as the 1st session, so quick and I didn't flinch at all this time!

My next session is in 6 weeks time. After every session they've contacted me to see how I'm getting on :) I got to speak to another of their clients who was in the waiting room, she was telling me all the areas she was getting done. She told me she just wished she got it done when she was younger.

Read a review of Silk Skin Laser Care by Vogue here! What a thing for them to boast about hey.

So here's a before of how my underarms look for a reference as I go through the treatments. I'd stopped epilation of this area and now only shave. 

For laser hair removal you need there to be a root for the laser to kill. If you're pulling out the hairs you are pulling out the roots.

In these pictures I've just shaved, but you can see dots of the hairs still. As I progress through the sessions I expect this to lessen and the area to appear more even. Some areas look clear, these are areas which had epilation before and so there are currently no hairs.
I mentioned to Silk Skin Laser Care that so many of you expressed interest in laser hair removal and they thought it would be a great idea to let one of you have 1 free session to see how it is for yourself! This is worth £120 if the area chosen was the underarm. If any of you would like to have a package of laser hair removal you can get them in 6 or 8 sessions, use code "Leanne" for 10% off!

On to the giveaway! This is only open to people living in the UK, the winner has to be able to travel to London to their clinic on Harley Street. You must be 18 and over to enter.
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Nasty Gals Do it Better

 Suede Fringe Jacket c/o / Nasty Gal
Crop top c/o / Nasty Gal
Denim Shorts c/o / Nasty Gal
Bag c/o / Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell Boots / Nasty Gal
Necklace c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Fang Ring / Kasun London
Tear drop ring c/o / Tessellate co.
Silver ring c/o / Primrose Hill
Photos by Yanin

If you follow me on my social platforms you'd of seen that whilst in LA Yanin and I got to visit the Nasty Gal HQ! It was a little quiet around that time as Coachella happened and so a few staff had taken the wise choice of booking some holiday to recover aha. We were shown around the offices and gifted a whole new outfit!

All items I chose were from their own brand (not including the shoes), and how amazing is that jacket! Quite a heavy piece as it's real suede and from all that fringing, it goes right across from one arm to the other. As it's quite an out there piece I kept the top and shorts very simple, but hey I had to choose a fluffy bag too!

The shoes, oh the shoes! I bought these in the Nasty Gal store down in Santa Monica. Back in the day I was obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell, I guess over the years they'd fallen off my radar, but they are back on for sure after seeing these beauties! Another style I'm lusting over, well two more pairs, these cut out boots and these buckle pair. Okay I may have just ordered the buckle pair, oppsy <3

Have you ever bought anything from Nasty Gal?

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A Room With A View

 Hat / Primark, similar here
Necklace c/o / Shantique Designs
Playsuit c/o / Boohoo
Kimono c/o / Urban Outfitters, similar here
Lipstick / Mac Twig
Photos by Yanin

So this room hey! We luckily were able to stay with friends whilst being in LA, Natalie and Grace kindly opened up their home and let us stay in their lounge. As soon as I entered their place and saw those windows I just knew I had to get an outfit shot there! Such beautiful floor to ceiling windows wrapping right round their apartment meant the whole place had the most beautiful light. You could even see the Hollywood sign!

What better way to venture to a new city, having people from there help show you around, knowing all the good food places and getting to meet their friends as well.

I thought this outfit would work well in this space due to the white kimono, I imagined this would catch the light well and look all dreamy. This outfit would be great for upcoming festival season too, with shoes as well that is aha.

What are your outfit plans for festivals this year?

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Sunny Suburbia

 Top c/o / TIALS
Skirt c/o / Boohoo
Boots c/o / Boohoo
Fang Ring / Kasun
Nesting Rings / Meadowlark Jewellery
Lipstick / Mac Twig
Photos by Yanin

After coffee we ventured a short walk from Melrose and headed down a quiet street. A spontaneous shoot in the middle of the road, as you do! The dappled light shone through the trees, skimming the sequinned top to cast a rainbow of colours across my arms. As the top is quite a bold piece and well, doesn't have much to it, I went for a plane maxi skirt with a split down the leg, showing off nicely the buckled boots I wore too.

Now writing this post from the warmth of my bed back in England, I'm missing the heat of LA. Our lifestyle there was eating out at restaurants and cafes every day, catching Ubers everywhere and chilling with friends, whilst squeezing in some outfit shots and pictures for Instagram too of course.

This year has seen me travel to Florence, Dubai, LA and Paris so far and I don't think it will stop there. I hope to travel much more whilst I can especially as I'm meeting people who wish to travel too. Already Yanin and myself are talking of plans to go to Thailand. This year looks like the year of travel and I'm so excited!

Which places would you like to visit? 

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Down Melrose

 Jacket c/o / Boohoo
Dress c/o / Choies
Sunglasses / MiuMiu
Michael Kors Bag c/o / Daniel Footwear
Sword Necklace c/o / Bloodymarymetal
Moonstone Necklace c/o / Empty Casket
Boots c/o / Boohoo
Rings / Meadowlark Jewellery
Lipstick / Mac Twig
Photos by Yanin

 Oh hai Paul Smith's pink wall! When we rocked up to shoot here, others were just leaving and more were arriving to also shoot. Quite a popular place and I can see why! Love it's pop of colour, I think it compliments my hair and Miu Miu sunglasses well. 

So I finally have some designer sunglasses! I blame Yanin for these. We were browsing duty free at Heathrow's Terminal 3 and she wanted to get some new sunnies. I fell in love with them straight away! I've always wanted their classic shape ones like Hey Claire has but they don't quite suit me unfortunately. Seems I tend to suit the more round frames. They come in the prettiest dusty pink velvet hard case. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!

In love with the Boohoo cropped tassel jacket, feels very Coachella! Unfortunately we didn't go, so many asked if we were when we said we were going to LA, maybe next year!

The dress I got from Choies in Autumn last year, finally I was able to wear it, warning though, it's a little sheer, so I wore shorts underneath.

I loved exploring Melrose, we browsed in so many amazing stores, it boasts a lot of amazing and pricy brands. I did buy some goodies from Nars and Nasty Gal whilst there. Excited to share all the things I got whilst in LA in upcoming hauls on my main channel and a vlog too on my second channel <3

Love these shots, can tell I had such a good time as even on Instagram there's lots of me smiling and clowning around. I'm like this all the time IRL, I do know though this doesn't always show online. I often give off chronic bitch face vibes aha. Makes such a difference when you're going round with someone else who understands social media and doesn't mind snapping pictures of you here there and everywhere!

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